About us
Surman is a thought where we hope for better future which is full with human values and thought is a seed which varities its existence but become a huge tree over a period of time.

No any kid should spend his or her life on road and fragrance of their lives should spread across the world with their noble cause Surman was established on 31st Jain 1998 under the act of Raj Cooperative registration. Surman is ISO 9001:2008 certified organization. It is not an organization but a complete family.

“God cannot be present everywhere, therefore he has created mother”

Surman is a divine place where abandoned and orphan children are given shelter and an atmosphere where they can also see their dreams coming time. We all are concerned about our own lives and families and do our utmost to keep them healthy and happy but we should never forget that “HUMANITY IS THE HUMAN RELIGION”.

They are also human being and deserve everything. What a normal kid deserve in his life very well said by renowned writer and poet Ninda Fazli Sahab “Ghar se massjid hain bahut door, chalo yu kar le kisi rote hue bachche ko hasayaa jaaye.”

This is a time when sometime parent of two children feel difficult to fulfill the basic needs of their children, Manan Chaturvedi deserve big appreciation who take care 94 kids and fulfilling their all basic needs. Their kids are very comfortable and full with life at Surman since it seems them their own house. In today’s era when people have limited boundary up to their own lives only Manan is doing such a divine work and it is being appreciated by everyone whoever come to know about Surman.

The biggest question arises why we have come in this world? Just to eat, drink, getting education and certain duties to be fulfilled towards our family and one day we will go back to almighty. We would be considered selfish who lived for themselves and did not contribute anything for society. The whole scenario will be different of this society if we have more people like Manan Chaturvedi. Time is flying like bird we all are engaged in our own lives we should definitely come forward to help people for this noble cause.

When Surman was established Manan was all alone but gradually people came and she formed a team of dedicated people who help her at each and every step but still lot more in required to be done for these lovely kids.

What is the unique in Manan which makes her different from others, her devotion and dedication towards the abandoned kids of our society and now she stays with their kids at her vaishali nagar house “Surman House”. Thing were not like this 10 years ago, she used to visit slum area and spent quality time with these little kids. Intend to pursue her carrier in Fashion Designing now all activities of Manan are related to little kids she make Films, does stage shows, painting and also publishing a monthly magazine “Bougain Vellia” whatever revenue is being generated by Manan helps her to run Surman Sansthan. Jaipur is a worth seeing place lot many tourist visit Jaipur and feel good often seeing places and forts of Jaipur but they feel amazed after seeing little ones at Surman. It is not an orphanage but a complete family. Manan has two resolutions first no any financial support from Govt. and secondly she don’t allow anyone to adopt the kids from Surman. Manan has started Palna 10 years ago from a small flat at Mansarovar with kids

Let’s stop all lengthy planning, deep thinking, and ideological search and leave behind all worries about success and failure. Take a deep breath and now look at the world around – things will look beautiful, calm & comfortable. Whatever you have, distribute it with your brothers and sisters. Just think how many children die because of mal nutrition, lack of medical aid and proper shelter. SURMAN PALNA came into existence as a result of a feeling for such kids that came in mind & touched its founder Manan, as per her words : “Whenever I look in the society and see many orphan and destitute kids with whom people show sympathy but very few dare to come out with the courage to provide them food, shelter, education and medical facilities, I am reminded of flowers of bougain villaea (Bougainvillea glabra), planted near boundary wall as a fence, no one plant them in their drawing room” In SURMAN PALNA we are committed to rehabilitate every child who has been labeled as orphan and destitute. We are proud to tell that our family has grown to 83 in just 8 yrs time. In our family there are 49 school going kids and rest 6 are the infants and toddlers enjoying the most beautiful phase of the life with their mother Manan.